The New Normal

We survived the first week of school!

And I can tell you, it was rather touch and go for a while there. I don't think I've been so tired in a really long time. I also don't think I've been this alert and ready to go at 5:30 am. I've learned that the earlier I have to be somewhere the more time I need to give myself in the morning. When I had to leave at 8 I was able to get up at 7 with no problem. But now that I am leaving at 7 I need more time to become a human. I make my coffee, pull up a podcast, and try to get in a little knitting before I go to work. This is really the only time I get work done during the week because by the time I get home, make dinner, walk the dog, and choose between cleaning or working out, it is time for bed.

Luckily there are the weekends. This weekend was the start of the Premier League, which you should know is a big deal in our house. In honor of such an auspicious occasion I spent most of my Saturday holed up in my room watching Netflix and working on my Annie Hooded Vest. Between loads of laundry of course because did I mention I am behind on housework?

I'm enjoying having a cabled project on the needles. The back was a bit of a slog because it is in stockinette, but the front is flying. I always forget how much I love a good cable until I am working on one.

Now if I could just figure out how to get some reading back into my schedule. Every night I fall asleep during the same chapter of Cibola Burns. It's not a boring book, I'm just that tired. I swear.