Blogiversary (and giveaway)!

A year ago I took the plunge to reboot the Faithfully Geeky franchise

(we're a franchise now, did you know?), only without the pesky need for a new origin story. Seriously guys, we get it. Peter Parker is Spider-Man because he was bit by a radioactive spider. And his uncle dies tragically, giving Peter the drive to be a better man and live up to the ridiculous burden Ben puts on his shoulders. We get it. Can we move on now? Please??

<end rant>

Anyways, September 1, 2014 is when I moved Faithfully Geeky to this here lovely Squarespace site. I was reaching the end of my blogging mojo but knew that I wanted to write, and write well. So I convinced Chris to let me try this as an experiment. One year. One year to see if I could get it back. One year to see if anyone not related to me would read (hi mom!) One year to see if anything changed.

And it did! In the past year I've regained my love of writing. Not every post is spectacular, but they are consistant. And fun. And things have changed. I've met some pretty awesome people. I've undertaken some intense knitting. I was honored to be in not one but two (two!) monthly loves posts from My Sister's Knitter (who I just adore). And I have something even more cool coming in a few weeks.

But none of this would be as fun without you, my darling readers. Thank you for staying with me on this journey. You are what makes this worth it. So to thank you, I'm hosting a little giveaway of some super amazing geeky yarn.

This is Yarn vs Zombies Artefact in the I've Got Part of a Plan (Guardians of the Galaxy) colorway, part of the Year of the Geek yarn club. I've looked, there are only two stashes of this on Ravlery, and one of them can be yours.

You just have to get it away from Helo first.

So leave a comment below. Tell me something fun you've done, found, tried, or said as a result of a Faithfully Geeky post. And when you do, take a look around. I've given the site a face lift, so you might find something new. 

And most importantly . . . 

Thank you for reading!