The Importance of Making Time

Sometimes I feel like I am discussing substance abuse when I talk about my knitting.

Think about it. It is one of my brain's primary preoccupations. I talk about it constantly. It is pretty much all I write about in this space. And everyone who hangs out with me knows that whatever we do I'll be bringing knitting. I recently went back to my old workplace to see The Man From U.N.C.L.E. in IMAX and one of the girls asked to see what project I had brought.

This really started to hit home when school started. I am gone a good ten or eleven hours a day. Then I need sleep, the apartment should be cleaned occasionally, and there is that husband I have lurking about. Might want to see to him as well. I suddenly found myself with a lot less free time. So ok, less knitting time, it just means I'll have the perfect excuse to put the stashing on hold.

But what I've found over the past month and a half is that it is absolutely imperative that I get some knitting in my day. Because it is not just that I get to work with my hands and indulge in my hobby. It is important for my mental health. The act of using my hands, creating something of beauty, helps to keep me grounded. I can put all of my attention on to something over which I have total control, and that is powerful. It is also one of the only times in which I am actually still. My hands may be moving, my mind may be preoccupied, but the rest of me gets to relax.

The key is finding the time to do this. Luckily I was a graduate student, so I have some experience in finding time when there is none, and I'm using some of my old tricks. Primarily, I am now knitting before I leave for school. I have to leave by seven, so instead of getting up at six and just getting myself out the door, I am up at five thirty. Yes, that is AM. I know, it sounds crazy, but that extra half hour means I get a little time after my coffee is made to sit, watch a podcast, and knit for about thirty minutes. 

It's my own little indulgence. The world is calm and still, and I can sit quietly and prepare myself for the day. That probably sounds ridiculous to you. But that's ok. What's life without its little eccentricities.

What about you? Do you have a time you steal away to knit, or read, or do whatever activity you need to get through your day?