Socks on Vacation

Have you ever seen a sock wip on vacation?

They're probably one of the more well-traveled variety of knitwear, sneaking into their knitters' bags to hitch a ride to some great local. This weekend my August socks decided to tag along on a trip to Lake Lure, filming location of Dirty Dancing and scene to many events in the life of high school Faith.

Like many socks, they insisted on doing everything. They took a walk down for local coffee in the morning.

Went hiking

And even insisted on waterfall-side knitting.

The Cormac sleeve came with us as well, but decided to relax at the hotel rather than take in the sites. After an hour long battle to the death with a wasp it was decided that what happens in the room stays in the room. That didn't stop these cheeky socks from grabbing a selfie with Taryn's shawl wip.

Overall it was a fun vacation. The socks and shawl became fast friends and their knitters had a good time as well. Hopefully we can all get back together again soon. Who knows, maybe by then the Cormac will be out of its sulky phase and ready to come out and play. Until then I'll keep bringing the sock with me. It might be desperate for attention, but it really was quite well behaved.