Cormac Cast On

It's still topping 90+ degrees here, but all I can think about are sweaters.

I keep saying I want to knit hats, shawls, mitts, but my hands crave sweaters. I am convinced it is an illness. Some Northern-born knitter virus, rarely seen here in the South. There is no cure. And it is very catching. So proceed at your own risk.

It took everything in me to only cast on one sweater last weekend. I have a couple ready to go in my stash, but I'm trying to ration them out. As you can imagine, sweater-addiction is a little pricey. And even though I am not opposed to using Knit Picks or another value-priced yarn, my tastes are running a little more extravagant. Plus I still have my Annie on the go (more on that another day), so it feels more than a little excessive to have three sweaters in progress.

To placate my sweater cravings I cast on the Cormac Sweater by Leah B Thibault. The mesh openwork should last me a while, and hopefully when I am done we will finally be at a transition point in our weather. I am using some of my favorite yarn in the world, Copper Corgi Jones Street, this time in DK. This is my oldest Copper Corgi stash, purchased at last year's Fiber Frolic. It was supposed to become a Framboise Cardigan, but now I know the yarn was waiting for this pattern. 

You might also be interested to know that Leah is actually hosting a knit-a-long for this sweater in her group over on Ravelry. So in theory, I could join in! You guys know how I majorly fail at KALs though, so I'll probably hit  a snag and stall out in about two weeks.

But until then, #CormacSweaterKAL all the way!