Completed Peaceful

It seems like it has been ages, but I finally have a finished object!

Meet the Peaceful Pullover. You've seen her before. She's the gorgeous blue number I have drug all over town and the internet all summer. Knit out of The Copper Corgi's Savannah Sock in Skyline, this is my new favorite sweater for fall (if it should ever come).

As long as it took me, I really did enjoy knitting this one. According to Ravelry I cast on on April 16, in the midst of my post-Frolic glow, fresh off the completion of some major sample knitting. I was full of enthusiasm and then, as so often happens for me with sweaters not knit in pieces, I started to tire. But the yarn was so gorgeous and the pattern was so well written that I could not stay away for long.

I knit the size Small (2nd set of numbers) and as you can see it did come out a bit big in blocking. Which I love! I keep imagining how much I would have loved this sweater when I lived by the beach, going on long walks in shorts, but needing sleeves to protect from the breeze. The sleeves blocked out a bit long, but that is totally fine with me. I prefer a longer sleeve that I can pull down over my hands when I'm cold.

Technically, this pattern was very intuitive. I worked from the print copy (if you can, those are totally worth getting your hands on. Maria put together an amazing product), which had everything I needed laid out neatly. There are several close up shots of the cables and other patterning so that you can check to be sure what you are doing makes sense. Seaming up the back was probably my favorite part. When I first saw the original kids sweater (Graceful Pullover) I intended to put buttons down the back along that seam, but it is so invisible that I have not felt the need to. I'm still toying with the idea, but the idea of being done was too appealing by the time I thought to go button shopping.

You cannot really tell in the pictures, but I did not alternate skeins as I should, so there are definite color lines through the sweater. I purchased three skeins at the Spring Frolic from Sarah of Copper Corgi with this sweater in mind, and then got home to find that I already had a fourth skein of it in stash. I ended up dipping into the fourth skein to do the neckline, but I used maybe a tenth of the total yarn. I probably could have shortened my sleeves by an inch and then been fine. Oh well. This put my total yardage around 1426 yards.

Overall I am very pleased with how this sweater turned out. It is cozy and lovely, and I have already been wearing it around the apartment, turning up the AC and dreaming of fall. Only two months to go! In the meantime, I think I'll start another sweater.