I have a hording problem.

Or I would if I didn't have an insane fear of bugs and vermin running through my home. Which I would say is a valid fear to have. About every year I go through a mass clean-up to bring my stuff back down to a standard level of clutter so that the process can start all over again. I have not needed to this in a while because we were moving so often, but we resigned our lease this spring so I had to finally admit that our square footage is probably not going to change any time soon.

This year I finally had to tackle something no knitter wants to think about. I had to give up some finished knits.

Now, I'll be honest, I was only able to weed out a few items. Just enough that I can close my cabinet door again. And they were all pieces that had something wrong. Early hats that really shouldn't be worn by anyone ever, mitts that have gone threadbare, a few of my million eight foot garter ridge scarves. The biggest challenge was my sweaters. Arguably I need to clear out several of them if I am going to keep adding to the collection, but I only managed to take out two.  Both of these are early sweaters from before I understood sizing. Or gauge. Or fit. Basically they just do not fit me at all.

Obviously I made this one work for a very special occasion (my wedding rehearsal), but I have not worn it since. And there's a reason I'm only showing you a side view. Both of these sweaters were designed by amazing people, knit up in wonderful yarn, and totally worth the enjoyment I got out of knitting them. But it is time that I stop holding on to things that don't work for me. I have a gorgeous photo for one and get to repurpose some of my favorite buttons from the other.

Do you have a hard time giving up old projects once you stop loving them? Or are you someone who can send them to a new home with love?