Vested Interest

I am super close to finishing my Peaceful Pullover.

I finished the sleeve of doom and seamed up the back while playing an epic game of yarn chicken. I really did think I was going to fail, but I managed to knit the entire sweater with only three skeins of yarn . . . except for the neckline. I need enough to knit a few rows of ribbing around the neck and that is going to require dipping into skein number four. So instead of winding the yarn, picking up the stitches, and finally finishing my sweater, I decided to give in to my petulant nature and cast on something new.

You might recognize this yarn. It is my sadly unfinished Neon, finally frogged and pressed back into service. In September I am taking a class from Kate Oats about modifications and zippers, so I need to have a sweater to which a zipper can be attached. I've never done anything requiring a zipper, so I decided to start with a pattern that includes one. 

I looked at a lot of patterns and the Annie Hooded Vest was the only one that really piqued my interest. I was concerned that the pattern calls for chunky weight yarn but the Ravelry page calls for worsted. However I got gauge, so I am pressing on. Please don't remind me of this when I fail in epic fashion. Ok? Ok.