Geeked Out Socks

One of  the weird things about starting a new job is figuring out just how much of myself I should put out there.

A coworker complimented me on my ring the other day and asked me what was in it. "It's a Dalek" I replied, not really thinking about it. "A what?" I froze. This was not the conversation I wanted to have while getting to know someone. "It's just, uh, well, it's a television character" I muttered. I know, I should be proud of my geeky self, and I am. But when I'm trying to get a new group of adults to respect me as an adult, I tend to close down a bit. I don't want to overwhelm them.

This is why I am so grateful that the fiber arts community is so unbelievably geeky. We have knitting patterns, bags, yarn and fiber colors that evoke our personal fandoms. We are so geeky Neil Gaiman agreed to model a scarf pattern. We might not obsess about the same things or to the same degree, but we all appreciate, listen, and help one another make connections. I love that I can buy a yarn designed to reflect a specific piece of culture and that other people will understand how cool it really is. Take this month's socks for example.

These are obviously Desert Vista Dyeworks, this time in the Top Gun colorway. Anyone who knew me in high school got to hear me talk adnauseum about how much I loved this movie (Actually the same can be said of pretty much anyone who has spent a lot of time with me since high school as well). For quite some time I wanted to be in the Air Force and the fact that Maverick is actually in the Navy made no difference to me. I wanted to live in that world.

But I probably would not tell a coworker about this before I got to know them. I most certainly would not tell them that I knit these socks specifically in July because every July 4th I wear my Top Gun tshirt. And I definitely would not tell them that I did not worry about matching the striping because I don't believe that's what a hot shot pilot would do (and also I was worried I'd run out of yarn). I wouldn't tell them, but I most certainly can tell you.

The pattern is the Mystik Spiral Socks, by the way. I really enjoyed it. They are a little tight, but I'm sure they will wear well. Now I just need to find a motorcycle to ride while wearing them.