A Hit of Colorwork

If you look at my blogging calendar, today's post is supposed to be about how awesome KALs are.

I'm back to work full-time and KALs are like my last clinging bits of summer vacation. But here we are, at that day on my calendar, and I just cannot write that post. I have not worked on any of my KAL projects since last we met.

I could make the argument that I've been busy with school (and that is true), or that I read two books this weekend (also true), keeping me from my knitting. But those are just excuses. The real reason is that, like the addict I am, I was jonesing for a fix.

Last week I took the time to finish the last row and a half of my Lovebirds Cowl (FO pictures to come) and BAM! It happened. I needed to knit colorwork. Never mind that I have a colorwork yoked sweater ready to cast on, I needed something immediate. I needed? Wall art. Wall art you say? Yes. Wall art. I have officially and forever become the crazy knitting lady.

This is the first of a series from Girly Knit's Owl Friends series. Actually that series is just a part of her knitted wall art collection and I may have bought it all. How could I resist? If I'm going to be the wall art knitter I might as well go all out, right? I knit this owl in an evening on my couch while catching up on Once Upon a Time (I'm woefully behind). I used not even half a skein each of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Sport in Green Tea Heather, Marina, and Ash. (There's also a random brown and a tiny bit of white for the eyes). It was such a fun and addictive knit that I've already started on a chevron coordinate and have visions of a three panel series on my wall.

Three I'm ok with. If you hear me starting to talk of more, please send help. Also I seem to have a bird theme going on? That might be indicative of something.