Abisko Pullover

Has anyone ever thought "You know what would make this insane heat better? A lace pullover."

No? Me either. So when I signed on to test knit Sarah Wilson's new sweater design and realized it was to be marketed for summer I kind of thought she was crazy. I mean, I love a good summer garment pattern, but usually they are tanks or cropped or lace weight cardis. An elbow length sleeved pullover? That seemed more wool than even I could want to wear in our crazy weather. But Sarah is from Texas. She  understands Southern summers. So as I knit I trusted that I would see the genius of her summer pullover. And I did.

The Abisko Pullover is a diamond lace pullover knit out of fingering weight wool. It has a cute cabled ribbing at the hem and neckline, and reverse stockinette sleeves. I knit the size Small, which is a 35" bust and gave me zero ease. I was a little concerned as I knit it that it would be form fitting, but it fits just perfectly. The lace patterning really looks more complicated than it is. I won't go into details, but once I got past my first few repeats it became very intuitive. Intuitive, but not brainless. I still had to look at what I was doing and if I got too distracted by my Mad Men viewing then I had to tink back and try again.

The yarn I used is Dragonfly Fibers Pixie in the Golden Pear colorway. This was some stash yarn I had purchased on sale last year for which I had absolutely no plan. I used exactly two of my three skeins, which came out to 950 yards. I loved working with this yarn, but it is a single so we shall see how it wears. The green has been a really fun way spice up some plainer outfits with a bright shock of color. The stitch pattern is such that it is nigh impossible to alternate skeins, so if you are using a hand dyed yarn, bear that in mind.

Yes, this is perfect for a cool summer morning or one of those rainy evenings, but for my part of the world it is quickly becoming my go to piece for air conditioning. If you live in other areas you might not experience the severe temperature shifts that come with moving from 90 degree heat to a 65 degree air conditioned building. I recently helped a friend by proctoring end of grade testing at her school and this was just what I needed to survive the classroom. The lace pattern allows airflow to keep you from getting too warm, but the actual structure of the pullover keeps you from getting too cold. It's like the Goldilocks of sweaters.

Oh, and you should know that Sarah is offering a discount on this pattern until July 10. So if you like what you see, go check it out!