You Think I'm a Good Dog

My mommy has gone back to work this week so I've decided to see what this blogging thing is all about.

(This is Helo by the way). She always spends all her time on this and now she's abandoned me for work. How is that fair? She is still supposed to be on summer break. There are no kids in that school yet, they don't need her. She's supposed to be with me!

All summer we've been going on super early long walks in the park with all the cute old couples. I thought those meant something to her? And during all those thunderstorms that are oh so mean? She'd hide under the couch with me. I thought we had something. I thought she loved me. Guess not.

I used to chew yarn. There wasn't a pair of handknit socks I didn't just want to sink my teeth into. Mommy thinks I've grown out of the habit. That I've changed my ways. That I'm a good dog now. But she doesn't know, the taste is still there. I'll always have the craving.

So if you see my mommy, let her know.

Come home or the Hedgehog gets it!