Officially Unofficially Six Months

Can you believe we are halfway through 2015?

People say it all the time, but this year has really flown by. Probably because so much has happened, both in my life personally and in the world in general. I could be talking about anything, but I'll keep to the knitting for now because . . .

With the finishing of my June socks, I have completed the first six months of the Officially Unofficial Desert Vista Dyeworks Monthly Sock Club! This month I chose to knit Pump Up the Volume by Megan Williams out of the Icelandic Eyes colorway. 

I find it amusing that I have myself so set on knitting a pair of socks every month. Especially since it is so amazingly hot outside. Usually I am really into a KAL at the start, but if it involves a long-term commitment I fizzle out. But somehow this one has me hooked and I just cannot let myself miss my monthly goal. Already I have knit more socks than I ever have in a year. I went back and checked, and the most I've knit is seven in 2013. I don't even think of myself as a sock knitter, but in the first six months of 2015 I have knit 8 pairs. Eight!

And I already have my July socks ready to go.