Knitting with Variegated Yarn

In examining my stash to start knitting all the things I was reminded of a very important fact -- I have a lot of variegated yarn.

I have always loved color. When given the option I always gravitate towards print fabrics, and I have never been one who could decorate along a specific theme. Our apartments are always a crazy mix of whatever mood I'm in when we move and what interesting things I find along the way. It should really be no surprise that this has translated into my yarn acquisitions. 

So what to knit with all of this yarn? The easy answer is socks, but what if you have already knit a drawer full and are looking for something with more oomph? In the last month there have been several resources published that you might find interesting. For example, if you fancy a shawl, this year's Knitscene Accessories has an excellent feature on Megi Burcl. In it she addresses the conundrum of verigated yarn with a series of shawl patterns that are absolutely gorgeous. My personal favorite is the Sarcasm Shawl, which uses a self striping and solid to create a great little neck scarf. I'm not usually one for shawls these days, it just seems that anything I try to make comes out like an oil slick of color. But Megi has included swatch instructions with each pattern, so I don't even have to worry about it!

Now I say I'm not a shawl girl, but you'll probably remember I cast on Outline by Beata Jezka. I'm using all my speckled yarns on this one, plus one ball of leftover solid, and I am loving how it is working up. The varying width of stripes means that the colors delineate nicely. This should be great for fall / early winter, when I'm running off to school in the wee hours of the morning.

Another great use of verigated yarns is hats. Depending on your gauge the yarn can work up in stripes or pool in really fun ways. But say you hate pooling (I often do when it comes to hats). What then? Well, Wooly Wormhead's new collection might be able to help you. The patterns are designed specifically for those wonderful handpaints we can't help but fall in love with. So far I've started Gallone out of some One Twisted Tree (by the way, did you know her new shop launched today? Someone save me from myself!)

This color makes my heart sing, but I couldn't bear to put it on my feet. I'm not that far into the body of the hat yet, but I have a long drive coming up next week, so the not-quite-stockinette will get some much deserved attention. Between that and Outline I think I'm set for road-trip knitting.

But say you are a sock knitter and want something that plays well with variegated colorways? Well Sarah Shoo has something for you.

The Whiz Bang pattern launched this week to great acclaim. I test knit this for her in some Candy Skein that I bought last year. I actually tried to knit this into socks last summer and absolutely hated them. The slipped stitches move around in such a way that pooling just does not seem to be possible. And just when I was about to give up on this yarn completely.

Oh, and did I mention that this pattern includes a new variation on heel construction? For that alone you should give it a shot.

Alright, phew! I think that about does it for my variegated stash. For a while anyway. Have you noticed any cool new patterns or techniques lately? I hope you all have a great weekend full of colorful knitting!