Stashing Detente

There's something of a cold war happening here

between my stash and me. I made a promise to only bring in yarn that I absolutely love, but then I fall in love with too much. And then there's the club yarn, the souvenir yarn, the too good a deal to pass up yarn. Not to mention the yarn I already have. It has gotten to the point that stash has started taking over.*

One of my goals for summer break is to work through all the decluttering for which I never seem to have time. I have ruthlessly purged my clothes, all of those random stacks of paper, and now it's time to turn to the big one. My yarn.

All year I have been ignoring the looming threat as it invades my home. But it is time to accept that it is there. The plan is to get my stash back to the point it fits back within its appropriate boundaries. This might mean some destashing of things I no longer love. This might mean a blog give away. Or this might just mean knitting any and everything that I feel like. Knitting what the yarn feels like being and then if it is not for me -- giving it away. 

So yes, I did just come up with an excuse to knit all summer long. It is cleaning, after all.

*Please Note: I am in no way opposed to large stashes. It is all about what makes you, the knitter, most happy. I have just exceeded my personal limit.