A Little Overboard

I might have gone a little crazy.

On Tuesday I asked what you might be interested in reading about this summer. Jenna K wrote me back and said that she would like to know what else I am knitting on in my free time. What else I am knitting? I wasn't knitting anything else. I had been single-mindedly devoted to my test knit which looks exactly the same even though I've been decreasing in pattern for days. I decided I should cast on something.

I might have gone a little overboard. I couldn't help myself! Once I wound one skein of yarn I found myself grabbing another. And another. All told I cast on four new projects.

Clockwise around:

  • Pump up the Volume by Megan Williams in Desert Vista Dyeworks Viso, Icelandic Eyes
  • Gallone by Woolly Wormhead in One Twisted Tree Prime Verigated Twist, Jem's Corporate Day Job
  • Barley by Tin Can Knits in Spartickes Dyes Joss Whedon Worsted, Michel's Blueberries
  • Outline by Beata Jezek

You might say "But Faith, you only showed us three wound skeins." That is because the Outline yarn came from here.

As much as I love Ravello, I was starting to have concerns about my yarn. And running out of yarn on a sweater once was enough. Plus I think it will be put to better use here.

On the reading front, I am now almost 200 pages into Leviathan Wakes. It is going slower than I had hoped, but lace knitting and reading just don't quite mix. Fortunately nothing has been as creepy as page 3, though I doubt I've seen the end of that just yet.