The Blues Have It

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably noticed that I'm in a bit of a color rut.

Everything I'm knitting or accessorizing with seems to fall somewhere on the mint to teal spectrum. I did not realize it was so bad until my sister commented that it seems to be my color of the year.

Yeah, she's probably right. 

Clockwise around we have,

And this is just what I've bought / started working on since April.

As much as it may seem this way, this color did not spontaneously take over my conciousness in the last month. I think the infection started back when I was in grad school and was exposed to teal on a daily basis. Then the first real signs started last year when I bought shoes the same color as my hair.

And then I turned around and mint is on trend for spring, so of course I had to get everything before it goes away. It just makes logical sense.

So yes, I do have a tealy blue illness. And I'm ok with that. I can't be the only one this happens to, right? Right?

PS: HAPPY STAR WARS DAY! When I started this post I wasn't paying attention to the date, but I'm here editing in my Boba Fett dress, plotting ways to have a Star Wars themed dinner. There might be food coloring involved.