Melbourne Cobblestones

I love test knitting.

I get to support designers who create amazing patterns and indulge that hipster part of me that wants to knit the next great thing before everyone else finds it. The downside is that sometimes it is a long time before I can share it with all of you. Which is why I am so excited that Kiki from Yarn vs Zombies released her Melbourn Cobblestone Socks!

Would you believe me that I knit these back in October? In under a week? And that was for a test knit, which usually requires ripping back and making alterations to the pattern. In other words, this pattern rocks! The stitch panel is just detailed enough to require a second look to "get" it, but intuitive enough once you get started that it you don't need to tote a chart around. And did I mention she's got it on Ravelry for free?

Because it was a Kiki pattern, I had to knit it up in her yarn. This is her Haunted base in the Sleeping Pods colorway. The yarn was an exclusive for her Year of the Geek, and this shipment was inspired by Dollhouse. The club was actually my first encounter with Yarn Vs Zombies. Because she is based in Australia I could not bring myself to justify purchasing due to the high postage rates. But the club was totally worth it. Where else will I get Dollhouse, Warehouse 13, and Veronica Mars inspired yarns? Now I just need to knit it all.

Maybe I need more socks.