A Tale of Two Socks

Hello all. Have you missed me?

I apologize for the unexpected hiatus. We had a family emergency that pulled me out of town and I did not have a chance to get any posts together before I left. But, I got a lot of sock knitting done.

Since we last spoke I started and finished the Partying Up and Getting Down socks by Megan Williams in Desert Vista Dyeworks Viso in the Pitch Perfect colorway. This is actually my second attempt to knit this pattern. The first began several months ago and was discarded because I was not in the right brain space for the pattern. Fast forward to two weeks ago and they were the primary knitting I took with me to Chris' high school reunion. Just before we left I realized that the toe was way too big for my foot and ended up ripping it. Not wanting to do the mental math to figure out why the socks were too big, I cast on a pair of Swirl E Socks and went on my way.

It was when I got home to my Desert Vista that I realized the reason. The yarns are different. The Hiwassee Creek yarn that I was using is thicker than the DVD yarn that I am used to.

Once I had that sorted it was time to tackle the Partying pattern again. One of my original hangups in the pattern was the afterthought heel. I've never knit one, being very unenthusiastic about my cutting my knitting. Since I was already well into the Swirl E Socks I decided to test out the technique on them so that if I failed miserably I was not thrown off schedule for my May socks.

I think it turned out perfectly. I love the super obvious reason for loving these socks -- the stripes stay in sequence! Normally the heel turn of a sock is my favorite, which is why I was so opposed to the afterthought for so long. I just knit a heel turn and then cut the yarn to match the stripes on the leg of the sock. The problem with this is that the back of the sock is never in proper sequence. Well that is no longer a problem now!

Just to give it a try, I also knit these socks from both ends of the ball so that the stripes would follow the same sequence (in case you didn't know, in this pattern one sock is knit toe-up and the other is knit top-down). They don't quite match all the way through, but I'm quite happy with the result.

What about you? Is there a technique you are still hesitant about trying? Have you recently taken the plunge to try something new?