Beach Knitting

We have interesting progress here at Faithfully Geeky HQ.

I have finished (squeal!) the knitting on Mary Mead and just need to get her blocked so I can mail her off to Sarah. I am on the last arm hole edging of a baby vest that will be heading off to Marigold Jen's as a booth sample. And I am knitting my April socks but messed up the heel so I have to rip back.

Basically I am in a very unphotogenic place. 

I started the socks while I was at the beach with my family. They are Expanding Commuknitty in Desert Vista Dyeworks' Suffragette colorway, and I am obsessed. The striping sequence is brilliant and has me totally addicted. Aside from the fact that the colors are just lovely, they really remind me of the beach. There are the soft colors of the sand and the ocean, the bright orange of the sun, and the neon purple of the house across the street that my sister has decided to move into just as soon as she makes her millions.

We had a really great time with the family. I did not get nearly as much knitting done as I thought I would. We were just too busy doing stuff like taking the dog to the beach.

You have to understand. Helo hates the water. With the fire of a thousand suns kind of hate. But we walked him around long enough that he got tired and thirsty so he decided that the big loud scary water was probably not so bad. Which meant that at the end of the day we had a very wet and happy puppy.

I hope you are all having a lovely week and that you are knitting fond memories into your yarn. Share some in the comments. I'd love to hear about them.