Sample Some Fun

You guys, I am so spoiled

I have had the opportunity to play with some amazing yarns over the past month. From some stellar indie dyers -- The Copper Corgi and Marigoldjen.

Yes, this does mean that I finished the Mary Mead. Which is too big for me so I couldn't display it in all of its glory, but that didn't stop me from trying.

Mary Mead sleeve-induced zombie!

But seriously, Sarah of The Copper Corgi sent me her gorgeous new Jones Street Sport Base in Cobalt. If you have not had the chance to hear about this yarn, let me just tell you that it is magic. It is a custom blend of alpaca, merino, and silk that comes as a grey that she then dyes to get these fantastically tonal colors. The Mary Mead was written for a wool/alpaca blend, which made it perfect for this yarn.

I'll admit that partway through the first sleeve I wanted to gouge my eyes out and declared that I hated everything about it, but I actually quite like the finished sweater. One of my favorite things about sample knitting is that I get to play with really awesome yarn without having to find a place to store the FO, but I'm pretty sure I will need one of these for myself this fall.

And then there was this little lovely.

Isn't it darling? This is the Avery Vest out of Marigoldjen's BFL/Nylon sock in Fresh, which has some amazing stitch definition.

Yet again I enjoy this finished product so much that I think I'll need to stock up on this yarn in a few colors to give to any and all of my baby-having friends. I know this is not actually going to a baby, but the whole time I knit it I imagined the bright green against soft chubby arms. This led to me cooing at my knitting, which was something that might have Chris looking for the men with the butterfly nets. But I'm mailing it off, so we are all safe.

Again, look at that color!

I'll be sending these off to their respective homes this weekend, where they will become part of the booths for show season. If you are going to see either of these lovely women at a show or festival this year, please say hello for me. I am so grateful for the opportunity to try out their yarns and cannot wait to see what each comes up with next!