Date Night, or Faith Has a Sweater Emergency

I have something really special for you guys today.

Do you remember in November, when I essentially dropped off the radar for a bit? When I was supposed to be knitting my Flax, a very easy pullover, but just didn't seem to be able to get through it. When suddenly I had no pictures to show because I was doing "secret knitting"? Well, here's the deal. I was knitting this:

This is Maria Yarley's gorgeous Crabtree Cardigan knit in delicious Infinite Twist. You might have heard of it? It is what I think might become the signature piece for Maria's new Date Night collection and I absolutely love it. I'll admit, it was quite a lot of knitting, but the result was totally worth it. The entire garment is seed stitch, but there's this lovely shaping that happens to keep you from drowning in all the fabric. And there is a lot of fabric. But it is written in pieces, so you don't even realize it until you're done.

Oh, and this sleeve?

Yeah, that one. That almost didn't happen.

Ok, here's the story. I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to this sample knit, I bit off a little more than I could chew. We had a short turn around time, and normally that's no problem for me, but this one was a little tight. So by the end I was up knitting super late and texted Maria to ask if she'd mind sewing on the final sleeve. I knew she had a photo shoot scheduled and we were getting down to the wire. The morning I was supposed to give it to her I finished the bindoff instead of eating breakfast, shoved it all in a bag, and dashed off to catch my bus. 

I know what you are thinking, no I did not leave it on the bus.

So I get to work, and start going about my morning. At one point I am moving my belongings and my coworker asks what's in the bag. I had knit enough on it at work through lunch breaks and meetings that they all knew what I'd been doing, so I asked if he wants to see. I pull out this gorgeous sweater that I'm super proud of and hold it up lovingly, expecting some sort of admiration (cause even the muggles know that this is one stunning sweater). Instead he says "huh, is that a fashion to only have one sleeve?" "No" I laugh "I have the other sleeve in the bag". I reach in the bag to pull it out and freeze. There is no more fabric. I have all the knitting in my hand and the sleeve? The sleeve isn't there.

I'm told that over the next few minutes I looked like someone died. I panicked. I sat down. I turned the bag inside out and just stared at it. How could there be no sleeve? Where could it be? More importantly, if it was at home, how was I supposed to get it? Could I text Maria and say I'm too sick to meet? I certainly felt that way. Just writing about the whole incident makes me nauseous all over again.

I finally told my coworkers what was happening and they, being the wonderful people they are, jumped into action. One ran to grab her keys so that I could drive home, and the other called for help to cover my absence. I jumped in the car and raced home as fast as I dared, all the time trying to figure out what to do if it wasn't there. I ran inside and there it was, lying on my bed.

Did I mention that in some lights my bedspread is the same color as this yarn?

So far I have not lived down my "sweater emergency." I probably never will, but I don't care. I was so relieved to find the sleeve and proudly gave it to Maria, who sewed it together and styled it to create the gorgeous look you see in her pattern pictures. And that's just one of the patterns. There are three more sweaters and an accessory that are just as lovely. And the even better news is that she wants to give a copy of the collection away to one of you!

So here's the deal. I'll keep this open for a week and post the results in next Thursday's blog post. All you need to do is go check out the collection and tell me in the comments which pattern is calling out for you to knit it. And if you want, tell us about one time when your knitting tried to go terribly terribly wrong. I promise we won't laugh, you are among friends here.