Something Different

Greetings! From the beach!

That's right, it's Easter weekend, which means it's my family's yearly beach trip to celebrate my mom's birthday. But why am I telling you this. To make you jealous?

Well yes. But no. You see, I'm having trouble with the mobile app for Squarespace. And I have a notoriously difficult time writing on my phone, so I'm not that inclined to trouble shoot it. This means that any posts I write have to be scheduled ahead of time, and then how do I keep you current? You could stop by my Instagram, but that might get more personal than you'd like. And I could start a Ravelry group, but I have really bad participation in the groups I'm already in. So to this end I decided to try something new. Faithfully Geeky now has a facebook page. Check it out if you'd like. Or don't. But I'd love to be able to interact with you outside the comment page. If you're up for it.

I promise. Monday we'll be back to normal. Which means once more bemoaning the fact I'm still working on Mary Mead. Have a good weekend!