Those Bloody Socks

I had to have an intervention with my knitting

I told you last week that I realized I cannot do everything. And then I continued to blatantly ignore that fact as I knit on too many things at once. A smart person would have figured out that the end of the month was fast approaching and organized accordingly. But I am not that smart person, which is why on Friday I only had the toe of my second March sock. So yesterday I sat on the couch all day and knit. I started in the morning with In A Sknit (who I save up for special knitting marathons) and worked my way through several podcasts, some sporting events, a movie, and finally finished the cuff during The Walking Dead season finale.

And this is why you just cannot make me listen to reason. Because I pulled out such a win that I'm not even going to show you that I forgot what kind of cuff I did so one has 1x1 ribbing and the other has 2x2. Or that I subbed the Spacious OMG heel out of Expanding CommuKnitty but forgot to decrease my stitch count because it's not a ribbed sock. Or that for some reason I lost my mind every time I cabled in the black stripe and I was really concerned they would come out looking super funky.

I cannot tell you that because look at my socks!

For those not living in my brain, let's do a quick refresher. These are the Cursed Cable Socks in Desert Vista Dyeworks Ides of March (you can read all about why I'm obsessed with this colorway over here). I cast these on on March 15 and proceeded to ignore them until last weekend in favor of my Mary Mead (still not done). They had to be finished by the end of the month because they are my March entry for Desert Vista Dyeworks unofficial sock club and I already finished two months so now I am committed. It's a stripy sock year and there is just no stopping me.

I'm sure by June the nice men with the butterfly nets will pay me a visit. Do you think they'd like some socks?