Where Have All the Knitters Gone?

I am having serious Fiber Frolic withdrawal.

I am not even kidding. By Sunday I was getting a little retreat weary, but I already miss all of my knitting friends desperately.

For those who don't know, the Carolina Fiber Frolic is an extended weekend (Friday-Sunday) retreat held in the mountains of North Carolina. There's hardly any cell reception, but that doesn't bother most because we are all too busy laughing and knitting. As with all good retreats I got a lot of knitting done, but I have nothing finished to show for it. I was having too much fun for that.

The spring Frolic is a little more structured than the fall frolic. There are classes and an extended vendor market. I did not take a class this time (though I wish I had), but you'd better believe I did some serious shopping. Sarah from The Copper Corgi is a regular at this retreat and worked with Jan Smiley (our fearless leader) to create some gorgeous yarn to match the retreat bag. I might have fallen down hard into that Targi thanks to Sarah's generous 5 for 4 special.

I didn't take a picture of the giant pile of patterns I came home with thanks to the generous sponsors, but I did finally pick up Elegant Economy's Date Night Collection. Of course once I had the patterns I needed some yarn to go with them, so back to Sarah's booth I went.

There has been much longing after a Peaceful since before the actual pattern even existed, because I wanted a Graceful in my size. Mercifully, Maria has saved me from any actual math. Once I get the Mary Mead off the needles, this will be jumping on. The exact same needles. Both patterns call for US 5s.

But here I sit, surrounded by housework instead of knitters. I really should get to work, but I will probably just start by watching some Netflix and doing some knitting. One should ease back into reality after all.