Ides of March, One Day Past

Can I nerd out on you for a minute?

By now you've heard enough about it to know I am participating in the Desert Vista Dyeworks Officially Unofficial Monthly sock club. And can I just say that it has done nothing to reduce my stash of DVD yarns. If anything my stash keeps increasing. She has gotten so popular lately that I did not think my March yarn would get here in time and I'd have to use one I have earmarked for another month. But one day I came home and there it was -- The Ides of March.

Ok, now for the nerdy bit. Julius Caesar was my first Shakespeare. I was in elementary school and went on a trip with some other girls to a nearby college production. It was one of the most "grown up" things I had ever done. And I was a morbid child, so all the death and war-torn lovers had me transfixed. Coincidentally this was also the same time I first learned to knit. It was a one-off lesson from one of the mom's who brought along a bag of needles and yarn. I can remember learning to cast on and just trying and trying to get it right for the entire trip. And then I got home and completely forgot about it until a decade later when I sat down to teach myself.

So you see, I had to get the Ides of March yarn. There was just no way around it, it has blood spatter! And I had to cast on on the Ides of March. For the pattern I selected the Cursed Cable Socks by Me-Tran Designs. The pattern itself is quite lovely (I made the mitt version a few years ago), and the name just speaks to tragedy, don't you think?

Oh, and never fear, the Mary Mead is still on the needles. I just took a short break to knit on the sock during church and lunch yesterday. I have finished the body and am now on the first sleeve. Which is patterned! But I'm not complaining because it will be gorgeous once it is done.