Of Mary Mead and Paperbacks

I'm doing some serious sweater knitting right now.

I am knitting up a sample for The Copper Corgi and I am trying to get it finished in time for the spring Carolina Fiber Frolic, so I've had little time to do much else. I've watched a lot of tv and listened to an audio book but that's pretty much it. I haven't even been reading because for some reason I'm reading a paperback.

Have you ever tried to read a paperback? It takes reading while knitting to a whole new level. You get the book wedged under the table, prop the pages down with your phone, and by the time you actually start knitting you finish the page and have to start the whole thing over again. 

But what's this  gorgeous yarn I'm knitting with you ask? It's the by now world famous Jones Street Sport! It is a superwash wool, alpaca, silk blend that is milled especially for Sarah and takes color just beautifully. I'm knitting this Mary Mead in the Cobalt colorway and I already know that I am going to have a hard time giving it back. Lucky me I have the sweater lot I bought at the Fall Frolic. I am a little bummed that by the time I get to knit my own it will be too warm for alpaca in our area, but I'm sure I can suffer through. The way that this is knitting up? I might just savor the process so that I can enjoy working with it longer.

But you did not read all this just for my love of a fun new yarn, you want to know who won the Date Night giveaway. Well the wait is over. Congratulations Hanna! Send me an email or a pm on Ravelry (I'm tharensolo), and I'll get you in contact with Maria!