Tour of Photos

It has been a really gross week here in North Carolina.

Unlike so many people around us we did not have to go without electricity, so I really should not complain. Let's just say there was snow, ice, and then more snow followed by rain. I lost all sense of time and while I would love to show you awesome crafting, I don't really have anything that I'm happy with right now. But I did not want to leave you hanging any longer while I get my ish together, so let's take a quick journey through my camera roll, shall we?

Of course you already know about the snow, but did you know puppies love it too?

Helo had an absolute blast on all of our snow days. Chris just started a new job that requires a lot more of his time, so Helo and I have been spending quite a bit of mommy puppy time together. One of the things that has come of Chris being gone 12 hours a day is that I am now in charge of meal prep. You would think that would be a hard transition, but I'm enjoying it. I've slid right back into my old routine of making multiple meals in one day so that I can freeze the extras. Like these awesome little handheld pot pies!

Pot Pies.jpg

I'm attempting to keep everything I make on a pinterest board so I can keep track of what works. Do you have any reccomendations?

While the weather wasn't too terrible last weekend I went home to visit my parents. And no visit home is complete without checking out another yarn shop. This time Mom and I trekked up to Black Mountain to hit up Black Mountain Yarn Shop. This shop was awesome! I love that I grew up surrounded by wonderful places for knitters but I never realized it until I moved away. It means every trip home is an adventure. The staff here was so nice and the place was full of gorgeous yarn and excited customers. They aren't too terribly far from where Mom works, so it wouldn't surprise me if she goes there without me.

Of course I had to buy something. This is Fable Fibers Biography DK in Corrosion. I think it'll make a fantastic hat. And how could I leave behind these knitting gift tags? That's totally me in art form!

Several cool things came in the mail, but I wanted to tell you about this bag.

This is a collaborative effort from Alyson Dukheizen of Holla Knits fame with Work + Shelter, an organization that helps provide safe housing and employment to women in India. The bag I got was one of the "first pancakes", but I actually love the faded look of the ink. How appropriate that it showed up right before Winter Storm Remus (oh how I hate that they name these things now).

Oh! And here's a knitting picture.

I never got around to posting photos for prizes, but I have been working on a Lovebirds Cowl out of Knit Picks Stroll Sport. I was already bitter that they discontinued the base and then I actually knitted with what I have. Who do I need to send my angry letter to?

Alright, that should be that. I hope to be back on a normal schedule starting this week and have some pretty fun things planned. In the meantime, I'll be baking and knitting away. Provided we can be done with snow.