Sweater Feelings

I'm in denial.

Well, that statement could be about a good many things so let me rewind. I've been in the process of reorganizing our apartment for the past few weeks. It seems that January brought with it  an overwhelming case of spring cleaning, which is great because our apartment is small enough that any mess looks like a tornado ripped through. I've redone our living room, the kitchen is no longer a complete disaster, and the filing system that broke down last year is back up and running. The only real sticking point has been what to do with my crafting supplies. Every time I go to tackle the project I end up finding an excuse not to work on it.

In an effort to aid in my procrastination I have been working on knitting through some of my WIPs. I finished the mitts and the socks that I showed you last week, and my next project was to knit on my Neon, which I am knitting out of two skeins of Miss Babs Yowza. I kept putting this one down because the nature of the stitch pattern made the sweater really heavy. But this time I was not giving up. I persevered through, knitting tulle stitch down to the bottom ribbing. All the while ignoring the growing suspicion in the back of my mind.

I don't have enough yarn.

Of course I realize this after I push myself enough to like the sweater again. And I know this seems like a lot of yarn, but I still have half of the bottom band to knit, plus two sleeves in that yarn eating tulle stitch. It's not going to work. I'm going to need to rip it out and find another project for the yarn. I bought this yarn at Stitches South two years ago when I first started to recognize that I could knit sweaters. I thought 1000 yards was plenty.

I was wrong.

So tell me. Do you have any suggestions for a sweater? I don't want to put this yarn back in the stash because I'm afraid I'll never knit with it.