Spoiled with Winter

I got my snow day.

Two of them, actually. Two full days of ice, snow, and freezing cold. Somehow Chris still had to go to work so it was just Helo and I, and since I have this chronic problem of being unable to sleep on snow days I got a lot done including my February Desert Vista Dyeworks socks.

Desert Vista Dyeworks Viso, Russia in Winter                                                                                                            Spoilers Socks  by CC Almon

Desert Vista Dyeworks Viso, Russia in Winter                                                                                                           Spoilers Socks by CC Almon


I think by now you all know how much I love Susan's yarn. Her bases are soft and sturdy and her dyework is spot on. She also has incredible customer service. I ordered this back in August when she had her anniversary sale month. Every colorway she had ever dyed was available as a dye to order. Somehow I limited myself to just two skeins of Russian colorways, this skein of sock and Russian Blue on her worsted (knitted up into Quoth). There was a mixup with the order and when I tried to purchase another skein to rectify the amount of stock she sent she would not let me but rather told me to keep it as an apology. I was floored. I ended up passing along the extra skein to a friend but I still hold that up as one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had.

This was my first CC Almon sock, but it has been a long time coming. These socks were designed as part of a Doctor Who club of which I am not a part, so I've had to wait for what seems like ages for the pattern to release to the public. I bought the three pattern ebook that this comes in and then kicked myself when I found out she was running a coupon code for the full Doctor Who collection ebook. But not too hard because I like her patterns enough I am willing to pay full price for her work. I'm really glad that I waited because this pattern and striping pairing is perfect. The softness of the colors worked very nicely with the cable and the purl stitches did not interrupt the stripes nearly as much as I feared.

I did swap in a short row garter heel. Even though I don't really have a preferred heel it seems I am incapable of sticking with what a pattern calls for. The result is a cushy heel and the stripes are pretty close to matching, so I'm super happy with them and it's not just the two days of extra rest talking.

I got a couple other projects off the needles, so I doubt this will be the last you will hear of my snow days. Maybe I should just stay home an extra two days every week. I'm way more productive that way.