Put A Little Color(work) In It

I've felt inspired lately to get some of my projects off the needles.

Or at least I was, but then February hit with all new Knit-A-Longs and that was the end of that. But before the madness set in I did finish two colorwork projects which were started last year.

I started these OWL Mittens sometime during the summer. Maybe in June? I can remember knitting on them in the car on the way to a meet-up, but after that my memory gets a bit foggy. I had grand plans of knitting up some cold weather items during the summer months so that I would be prepared when the weather turned. Obviously that did not happen.  I quite enjoyed these mitts, despite the long rows of single color. I got much better at tension and floats by the end of the project, and I relearned that all important colorwork rule -- blocking makes all the difference.

The lighting when I took these pictures was impossible, so you can't really tell that those are Harry Potter spells written on the palms. Cool, right? 

The yarn I used is from The Loopy Ewe Solid Series and was perfect for colorwork. It is very affordable, comes in a wide range of colors, and their shipping is always really fast. I'm pretty sure that should I become colorwork obsessed this will be my go-to yarn.

My other colorwork looks just as cool but was way easier. No Tricks All Treats is a sock pattern designed for two full skeins of yarn, one in self-striping and one in a coordinate (There's also a matching gloves pattern that I keep eyeing). I knit mine out of Desert Vista Dyeworks in the Pink colorway that had been dyed as a sister set with two half skeins.

These are my first colorwork socks and if the mittens were not enough, these definitely have me hooked. I love the way that they look so hard but were actually very simple once I learned the chart. The hardest part for me was actually of my own making. The solid half skein is the same color as one of the stripes, so every time I hit that color I really had to pay attention.

I am pretty excited to have these two projects off the needles. They freed up some project bags, got some yarn out of my stash, and make the muggles look at me like a "real" knitter. They are both also super warm, which means that despite the cold and rain we've had for weeks we will now have bright, mild, sunny weather. Because that's how my life works.