Moving On

We are bracing for snow today.

I know, anyone who lives above the Mason-Dixon line is probably laughing hysterically at me. But here's the thing, until a few years ago, we didn't get major snow storms every year. They were more of a once every once in a while event. And my mom still contends that our snow is different than what she grew up with. She claims that not everyone gets snow that is mixed with hidden layers of ice, but I don't know if I believe her. In any case, I am doing my best imitation of a school child and hoping against hope that the storm is big enough that I can stay home from work tomorrow and work on my new sweater.

Yep, that's right. I decided that if the Neon was going to keep getting me down that I was going to start something new, so I cast on Ravello.

In starting this sweater, I need to make a confession. I have a lot of yarn. Specifically, I have a lot of sock yarn. And while I don't feel burdened by the amount of yarn I have as a whole, specific skeins often cry out to me from their cupboard and demand to know why I've been ignoring them. Lately those skeins have been some of my most prized possessions, single skeins of Cakewalk.

Like a lot of people, I adored Cakewalk, and I bought skeins when I could. Her speckles were unlike anything else I had seen at the time, and I still mourn her disappearance from our community. I have one full skein of Dressed for Rio left that I had earmarked for a shawl, a large remaining ball of Cherry Blossoms, and a little bit of Chalkboard still floating around the stash.  I added in a full skein of Unwind Company's Bonnie Wee Thing to tie it all together (it'll be the neckline and the sleeves) and decided to cast on and see where I end up. There are a lot of gorgeous projects on Ravelry and no two striping sequences are the same. Should be fun, right?