Holiday Market (Or Things That Aren't Secret Knitting)

I don't know if you've realized, but the Holiday season is upon us.

Oh, you did realize? It must just be me then who is reeling from the knowledge that Hanukkah just began and Christmas is only a mere three weeks away. In years past this would be the time when I complained about the crazy work schedule I am keeping, but as I am no longer at that job this year I have actually been able to enjoy the holiday festivities rather than scrooging it up from Thanksgiving to New Years. To that end I've been trying to partake in some more holiday themed activities, which in my world means hitting up a local craft fair.

Last weekend my friend Serena and I headed up to a local farmers market with the sole purpose of invading the booth of a local alpaca farm. Not much will get me up and out of the house on a Saturday morning anymore, but Alpacas will definitely do the trick. The farmers were a very sweet retired couple who happened to mention that they do tours out on their farm, so expect a road trip in the near future. They might regret they ever met us.

After fondling the alpaca wares it was time to check out the rest of the market. I had come prepared to shop in a way I think most people do not expect but like I said, the holidays are upon us. 

Maybe I should explain. In addition to the four people in my immediate family, three in Chris', and the few friends to whom we always send gifts, we always have a random two extra gifts we must purchase. Chris' extended family does a secret Santa drawing for all of the adults for which I always end up with someone with whom I have nothing in common. Or in this year's case have never met. When asked the family always suggests gift cards, which is cool if they can recommend a local business the person likes, but this year everyone was very vague. As I am me I had already decided that this year our gifts would somehow be locally sourced or handmade, completely forgetting about the exchange. So this year our recipients will be getting products made by local bee keepers. 

Cool, right?

And no real Christmas shopping outing is complete without a gift for one's self. It's practically mandated in the holiday shoppers' survival guide. So Serena and I both picked up mittens from this little stand (I checked, she doesn't have a website).

These mitts are made with recycled wool sweaters, felted down and lined with fleece. Super warm, super cute, and super affordable. I'm in love. 

What about you? Any fun holiday excursions? Or have you also gone momentarily insane and decided to knit a few gifts? I did. But more on that after Christmas.

Mmmm... holiday mints