Looking Back To Look Forward

2015 has been quite the year of change for me.

Things that I thought would happen did not, and instead life took much more exciting and interesting turns. We had tragedy in the the death of my grandfather, triumph in the start of new jobs, and joy in the expectation of our baby. I try to end each year grateful for the time lived, even if it was hard, but this year has been one of our most exciting yet. This is the time to reflect back on another year gone, and as is my wont I am looking back over a year of memories preserved in stitches.

I think you all know the most consistent theme of the year. Just yesterday I finished the last pair of socks for the Officially Unofficial Desert Vista Dyeworks Monthly Sock Club.


I am thrilled that I managed to finish. It got dicey back in the fall, but I am nothing if not stubborn. Weird as it sounds, the obligation to finish every month kept me from completely losing my mojo when I would otherwise have stopped knitting altogether. I guess you could call 2015 the year of the socks, with an additional three pair on top of these 12. And did I mention that one of those additional pairs was for my giant of a brother?

Now you know why I was so nervous about my Christmas knitting.

Despite all of the socks, I do still consider myself fundamentally a garment knitter. I only completed six this year, five started in 2015, but that is still where my brain goes when I think about knitting.

Hopefully I can still get some of my planned sweaters knit even with my changing and sometimes uncooperative body. In a world of upsetting maternity clothes, it is nice to think that I have some control over my wardrobe. Which is probably why Chuck is my favorite knit of the year. I wear it at least once a week, weather permitting, so there might be another one in my future.

I have no predetermined goals for 2016. If all goes according to design I'll be pregnant for half the year and wrangling an infant for the other half. So my goal is to just accept things as they come my way and to let go of the things holding me back. WIPs, old FOs that no longer thrill me, and stash (I'm planning to post my unloved yarn on Instagram as destash, so look for that soon). If there's one thing I learned in 2015 it is that my plans hardly ever work out as I think they should. And that's ok. As long as I have the people I love with me it doesn't matter where I live or what I'm doing.

So wherever you are, whatever your circumstances, I wish you an amazing new year. See you in 2016!