Wishing for Memories

Christmas knitting is as complete as it is going to get, so it is time to turn my attention back to some lingering WIPs. But instead of tackling things I can finish up before the new year, I have landed on a new long term project -- 

a project I'm calling my Wishing for Memories Blanket. It's a scrap yarn blanket in the vein of what so many knitters are calling a "cozy memory blanket" because it recalls the memory of that yarn's initial project. I've had this on the needles for quite a while, but just started to knit on it in earnest. You see, I am knitting it for Eggbert.

Back in May a lot of knitters cast on projects on Mother's Day as a gift to themselves. At the same time I was struggling mightily with the fact that I could not get pregnant and no one could tell me why. But Chris and I knew we wanted to have children, and believed we are meant to be parents, so on that Sunday in May I cast on my first square as a symbol to myself that this dream would come true somehow. I knit a few squares and prayed for the child we hoped to one day wrap in this blanket, and then I put it away.

Fast forward a bit and I am still reeling from the news that I really am having a baby. It's shocking and wonderful and every day I am amazed that this miracle has happened for us (and pray for those who are still struggling). But in the meantime, I have a blanket to knit! It's highly unlikely that I am going to finish by May (Ironically Eggbert is due soon after Mother's Day 2016), but that's not going to stop me from trying!

I decided after knitting a few squares that I want to knit this in more of a quilt style, so I am knitting it in connected blocks of nine with borders of One Twisted Tree Hinkypunk. My plan is to knit it to one quarter the size I want (still unsure on that part) and then start a brand new set of blocks. This way the blanket will be constructed of four large sections seamed with the decreases pointing to the center. It should make more sense soon.

This weekend in honor of The Force Awakens I started on the Star Wars mini skein set from Brew City Yarns. Their minis come in sets of seven, so I've gathered some solids to finish out the block. I'm really enjoying the idea of fitting some themed blocks into this blanket, keeping with the scrappy theme but giving a bit more of a "story" if you will. At the same time I'm sure to run out of leftovers soon, so if you are interested in a swap, let me know!

And what did I think of The Force Awakens? Well I can't think of any way to express my feelings without spoiling, so let's leave it with one word -- joy. So much joy.