Holiday Crafting is Finally Here

It's finally beginning to look like Christmas around here!

Despite the fact that out weather has been in the *gasp* 70s. Last week I told you about some gift shopping escapades, well this weekend the wrapping part began. This is after Helo decided to try to eat all of the gifts. The only real casualties were some bath bombs with no dedicated recipient and a bar of soap that smelled of chocolate. So basically the stuff that smelled like food. How silly of me to leave that out. Luckily the one soap only had a nibble and its recipient will be amused by the story (plus it will come with other gifts). But nothing kicks the wrapping into high gear like fear that someone will eat the gifts.

Why am I telling you about wrapping gifts? Because it has become part of my holiday crafting routine. Two years ago I had the brilliant idea to use a stamp to make my own holiday paper out of grocery bags. Last year I didn't get around to it, but with my newly renewed commitment to DIY as much as possible, I hit the craft stores to find the perfect stamps (this is a big deal. Craft stores give me anxiety on a regular day. Craft stores during the holidays? I have to take a buddy along to get me out alive).

This year's print? Purple and silver foxes with blue and pink snowflakes. There's never been anything traditional about my holiday routine. But that's what makes it unique and fun!

And then, because paper crafting was not enough holiday craftiness for me, I decided to try my hand at wreath making. I purchased a set of wooden sheep from Juniper Moon Farm (these were a fundraiser for Heifer International that has since concluded) after seeing several people playing with them on instagram. It took me about two episodes of Gilmore Girls to get it done, but I was very indecisive (I was doing a holiday episode marathon. The afternoon's Christmas knitting was to the tune of all four OC Chrismukkah episodes).

I still have enough left to do a second wreath. Maybe next year I'll get my act together and knit some of Susan B Anderson's adorable sweaters to make some ornaments.

So now that the holiday crafting is out of the way and I still can't tell you about the gift knitting, let's talk about the important things happening this week. The premiers of Episode VII and The Expanse. Could this week be more awesome?? (Yes, yes it could. I'm still not on Christmas break)