Outlined in Speckles

So it was warm again. For a hot minute.

Now we're back to highs in the upper 50s, which is really cold when you were just enjoying 75 degree weather. And they say it's going to get warm again soon, but I'm currently sitting bundled in an afghan so who knows. Welcome to December in the American South. Fortunately another of my finished projects from the Frolic is perfect for this inconsistent weather.

To date Outline may be the FO I'm the most proud of for 2015. I worked on it for almost six months and put in five different yarns, mostly leftovers, including the last of my beloved Cakewalk stash. *sob* It became a bit of a slog towards the end, but for the most part I really enjoyed working on it. The patterning is super intuitive once you get going, a series of yarn-overs and decreases working together to make the gorgeous chevron effect. Once I got that down it was easy to drape over the couch and pull out while reading.

I didn't weave in the ends while I went, but I found it so intuitive that I never wanted to put my book down to dig out my darning needle. Half the time I didn't even cut the yarn after I finished a section. I just left it attached until I needed the color again. It was a pain in the end, but I think I perfected my technique. Plus I got a ton of reading done, so I can't complain. Looking back I know I for sure read at least some of Armada, Nemesis Games, Carry On, My Name is Memory, and Valley of the Dolls while working on this. In my book that makes for a successful project.

There's something liberating about getting that many yarns out of the stash. Even though I still have partial balls left from almost all of them, they are much smaller (no weights, though, our scale is currently dead). And now I get to wear all of these cherished colors, rather than hording them like the magpie I am.