Cabled Progress

Nothing kicks my knitting back into gear like getting a major win on a project.

And what better project to finish and get off the needles than a sweater? I can't believe I have been working with this yarn for over a year, trying to finish a sweater and I finally did!

I've been hesitant to write about this project because I had so many problems with the pattern. To start off with, it is a paid-for pattern that is listed as worsted on Ravelry with a worsted weight yarn, but the actual pattern lists a bulky weight yarn. I thought that might have just been a typo in the pattern, but the yardage did not work out. By the time I finished the back and the fronts I did not have enough yarns to do the hood. And even without the baby bump it came out too narrow to close with a zipper.

Knitting on this also reaffirmed my commitment to only knit charted patterns. The cable instructions are written out, and not every line is correct. I spent an entire afternoon on my couch watching the second season of Witches of East End and reworking the pattern to reflect the pictures. I don't want this to come across as completely negative, but it is an important reminder of why tech editing is so critical. And don't judge my television habits. That season had James Marsters as an evil Asgardian. What's not to love?

Fortunately I managed to create a sweater that I really love. I did a basic one by one rib collar and seamed the pieces to have a split hem. While it did not start out this way, the result is I knit something that works for my current body shape. Now if I could only become comfortable taking pictures. Maybe if I get a sign that says "I'm not fat, just pregnant".

I know, it's just my body image issues. I'll get there. I promise.