Confession (And A Near-Death Knitting Experience)

If I've seemed distant, scatter-brained, or just plain unavailable lately, I promise I have a really good excuse.

You see, last night when everyone was out celebrating Halloween I was at home, dressed as my current reality -- exhausted pregnant lady. (I was tempted to put a bump picture here but I haven't really taken any and I'm not going to go get dressed to take one for you guys. Sorry)

Yep, if you have been around my instagram or twitter lately you have seen evidence of my current condition -- namely lots of whining and discussions of sleep. I am tired all the time, except for 3am. For some reason my body just loves the ungodly hours of the morning. In any case, all of this exhaustion has taken a real toll on my knitting, so I haven't had much to show you guys.

Fortunately it is the start of a new month which means I have yet another completed pair of Desert Vista Dyeworks socks!

These socks almost met a grisly end as only my projects can. I was knitting in bed the other night and catching up on Agents of Shield (SQUEAL!). After I finished the episode I was feeling a little drowsy. It was still early, so I just laid down for what I thought would be only a couple of minutes. But then fell well and truly asleep. So much so that at some point I turned off the light so that when Chris came to bed he had no idea of the dangers that were lurking there.

We both slept peacefully for a while and then I woke to find myself in grave peril. There was a knitting needle going up my nose. And not just any knitting needle, but a size 0 Addie Turbo Sock Rocket! Fortunately my instinct is to jerk my head backwards, so I did not in fact skewer myself with my own needle. Though it was a near thing. I managed to get the sock out from under Chris and placed it with the bag on the side of the bed (it appeared that he had moved the project bag but had not seen the sock itself). I went back to sleep thankful that we were all ok, not knowing there was more to come. 

I got up in the morning, fed the critters, and went to grab my sock for some nice early morning knitting. And that's when I saw it. At some point after I fell asleep, Chris came to bed, I almost died, and the sock ended up off the bed, the dog had come by. Now he did not chew the sock (though that's always a danger), but he had gotten tangled in the yarn somehow and dragged it across the room. I had just started on the leg of the sock, so I found the striped yarn tangled in and around the contrast heel yarn which I had yet to cut. It took me an hour to untangle everything and I wish I had taken a picture of the mess to show you guys. But I've just told you quite the tale of woe, so here is another photo of the socks.

See? It all turned out alright in the end.