WIPing it Down

I'm sure I am not the only one who is feeling weighed down by too many WIPs.

Actually I know I'm not because I got an email about it last week. It seems the Unapologetic Knitter (designer of such patterns as the awesome No Tricks All Treats Socks) has heard the burdened voices of knitters everywhere and started WIPdown 2015. Thank God for designers who continue to do the heavy lifting of running KALs so I can join in and have something to tell you about. There are way too many projects to take a group shot (also, that's just embarrassing), so I'll start with what I'm focusing on this weekend. 

First up I'm trying to knock out my KAL responsibilities (by doing a KAL. The irony here is thick). These are my October socks for the Desert Vista Dyeworks Officially Unofficial Monthly Sock Club. My original intention was to knit knee socks because the skein came with an extra skein for heels, toes, and cuffs. But now we are more than halfway through the month and I just want to be done. And I've never worn knee socks that people actually see. Leg warmers over my jeans? All the time. But my knee socks have always been my secret weapon under my pants in the dead of winter when leg warmers would be unfit for the situation. So I'm faced with a choice. Do I rip back? Do I struggle onward? What do you think?

My other primary project is the Blowing Snow Cardigan for the Midwestern Knits KAL. That KAL ends November 15 and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to make it. I photographed it with a book (because I just finished Carry On and OMGEZ), but that's rather misleading. I love the way the stitch pattern is working up and I adore the yarn, but it has not been something I can sit down with and just cruise on. Hopefully I can make a dent in it this weekend. Or at least get far enough to break out a new skein.

So that's where I am this week. Lots of WIPs and a renewed determination. How is your knitting faring? Are you one of those people who doesn't feel the burden of their craft? If so, can you teach a class? I need to get this sorted out.