Sometimes It Takes Time (And A Squirrel)

My but I have missed you all. Soon after wrote my last post I was felled by a severe drop in both my health and my mood

and as I did not want to spread my melancholy I took an unexpected blogging hiatus. I was feeling uninspired and unmotivated and generally weighed down by my WIPs. This happens from time to time. It's like the human body is unable to sustain the joy that is knitting and has to fall into a lull so that it can come back more excited and motivated than ever. Fortunately I made it back before the end of the Cormac KAL, which ends tomorrow, and I have a finished object to show off!

Last weekend was my birthday and for the occasion Chris and I went to Washington DC to visit the Indiana Jones exhibit at the Discovery Museum. Of course what better time to take photos of your newly completed sweater than when on vacation? (The exhibit was amazing by the way. I highly recommend checking it out if you are so inclined. The ticket price is a bit high compared to all of the free museums in the area, but worth it when you take into account the amount of technology and educational material that accompany the experience).

I admit to being a bit hesitant about this sweater when I first finished. I love oversized garments, but this one came out a bit more on the too-big-side than I normally wear. Probably due to the inherent drapiness of the Copper Corgi Jones Street, and nothing to do with a very well written pattern. I followed the advice of other Jones Street lovers and popped it in the drier on low for about five minutes (during which time I imagined all sorts of horrible catastrophes. I don't have the stomach for machine washing knits). The resulting sweater is super comfy and very warm. Perfect for a crisp fall day of urban exploration.

The part of this sweater I'm especially proud of is the seaming. It took me days, but really honed my skill and there are places I can tell I made true improvement. In fact, I ended up picking out my first sleeve seam and redoing it because I felt I was too tight on my first attempt. Excuse me for tooting my own horn, but that is dedication. I hate undoing anything. I used Deborah Newton's Finishing School as my guide, and finally grasped the concept of selvage stitches. So cool!

Oh, how was the trip you ask? It was amazing. There are some photos over on my instagram feed of some of our highlights including pandas at the zoo and meeting a cardboard Pope. One of my favorite moments was taking pictures at the garden outside the National History Museum and having a run in with this little guy.

Me: Squirrel! Omg, OMG!!

Usually when we go places we only get a day but I'm on fall break, so we stayed for the entire weekend, getting two whole days to explore DC (and time to hit both Looped Yarn Works and Fibre Space). A perfect birthday treat and great way to kick my creativity back into full gear.