Finding New Patterns

There isn't much I enjoy more as a knitter than finding a new pattern

You know the kind -- brand new, hot off the presses, totally un-hyped and out of nowhere. Don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with a pattern from a traditional publisher or that comes with a blog tour and teaser posts. But that pattern that totally makes your heart sing, just came out today, and you can totally cast on before anyone else? There's a part of me that loves that.

I wouldn't say that I have specific tastes in knitwear, but I definitely have a style, so finding new stuff I like can sometimes be hard. I have a few ways I keep an eye out for patterns. I follow some designers and bloggers who have an eye for fashion, I flip through people's queues, and I use the Pattern Highlights feature on Ravelry.

This is probably my favorite feature (found under the Patterns tab), because it is completely tailored to what I like. I have mine set to just knitting, but you can also include crochet, machine knitting, and loom knitting. I also added a search field for socks patterns that use self-striping yarn for some KALs I am doing this year. If you are jumping on to any sweater knitting themes, this is a great way to find new patterns throughout the year.

Another thing I really like is that Ravelry tells me why they are suggesting a pattern. Is this a designer in my favorites, is it similar to other items I've knit, or is this a suggestion from a friend's queue? This can help to refine what you see and I love that I get pattern updates from local designers.

How are you staying up to date with new patterns? Do you have a preferred method or do you search when the mood strikes?