2015: Year of the Sweater?

My friend Kristen (of the House of Knitting Podcast) has declared 2015 the year of the sweater

and she's not alone. It seems a lot of people are talking about sweater knitting these days. The knitting community is riding a wave of sweater love -- or maybe it just appears that way to me because I am more sweater-oriented than I was a year ago.

Because I love a good theme, I have decided to join in on this sweater-loving madness and am starting 2015 off with some rather lofty sweater goals. I want to finish two WIPs for the Just One More Row Clean Your Slate Challenge and I also have everything I need to participate in Andi Satterlund's Selfish Sweater KAL. I have some Quince and Co Lark planned for a Chuck that I am just itching to get on the needles. The problem? Those needles are in Flax, so I have to get moving on that one first.

I am also starting the year with sweater quantities in stash, which is quite the switch from 2014. I have definite plans to knit them, but after that I may not be as sweater crazy as I was last year. I recently reorganized the stash (actually I reorganized about 40% of everything we own and the stash along with it) and became reacquainted with just how much I have. There is a lot of good stuff in there that I have been ignoring in favor of sweaters and it's time to change that (There are also some old sweaters I should probably frog, but we'll ignore that for now).

So I don't know what kind of theme this year will have. Maybe it will be the year of the sweater, but maybe it will be the year of the hat. Or maybe it will be the year of the legwarmers. I am nothing if not a trailblazer.