Feeling Crafty

There are very few times in my life that I consider myself "crafty".

Usually it involves a hot glue gun, and I'm rarely in a state of mind where I want to play with that. Over the summer I decided to try my hand at cross stitch. I gave it a shot as a kid, but I was miserable at it because it involves so much focus. But I'm older and wiser now, and I like colorwork knitting, so this is somehow similar, right?

After six months, the only item I have finished is this little rain cloud kit. When I started I had this vision in which it was positioned among a dozen other small embroidery hoops, some also holding cross stitch and others holding just fabric. I visited Purl Soho last year and they had this great wall of embroidery hoops as you came in the door just full of fun and interesting fabrics. When I hit on this idea I just knew it was perfect. A little kitchy, but I'd use such lovely and curated fabrics that it would be like art.

Fast forward to October and the Triangle Yarn Crawl. One of the stores we visited was Downtown Knits in Apex, which is in the running for most awesome yarn store ever. They have a great selection of yarn, but what drew us in was their new fabric selection. Among the beautifully arranged fabrics and patterns was a set of fat quarters from Cotton and Steel's Spring 2014 collection.

They were perfect! I picked out four and could not wait to get them on the wall.

A few days ago I came across the bag of fabric again. I had not put them up because I had not done any more cross stitch. The wall I had in mind was too large for just five hoops. But then again, we had acquired more furniture for our living room, which changed the look of the room anyway. What if I did something different?

I ended up going for it, and I'm pretty pleased with the result. I used this tutorial and five inch hoops, which fit the space perfectly. Would you believe that we got the couch for free? I don't think I could have planned the colors more closely if I had tried!

But Faith, you ask, what about all that extra fabric? Fat quarters are much larger than five inches! Well, would you believe that I made earrings to match my decor?