Of Fog and Ice

There is ice everywhere.

I woke up yesterday morning and it was like the entire world had been enveloped by a sheet of ice. The roads were clear, so we still have to go to work, but everywhere else? Ice.

I've been doing some knitting that I'd love to show you. I'd love to show you my January socks for the Officially Unofficial Desert Vista Dyeworks Monthly Sock Club (Oh yes, that's the hashtag too). I'd love to show you the awesome cable on my Chuck. I'd love to show you the sparkly legwarmers I knit while at the hockey game the other night (we won, by the way -- go Canes!). But it is so dark and gross that I have no hope of getting decent pictures. So instead, here's a picture from when I attempted to free my car from ice.

These mitts were the best knitting decision I have ever made. There is something to be said for colorwork. It sure is warm! I spent probably ten minutes scraping my car and my only thought was that I'd like to put a button on the palm to hold the flip tops closed. I have a pair of O.W.L. Mittens languishing on the needles that I will now have to get moving on.

Man, weather. It's quite the motivator.