Caffinated Flax

Is there anything quite so motivating as the arrival of cold weather?

When I made my sweater goals, they were not really time sensitive, yet here I am with a finished WIP within the first ten days. How cool is that!

By now I am sure you have seen a ton of Flax FOs. But let me just add this one to the pile. I knit mine out of Plymouth Yarn Coffee Beenz in what I'm calling the Mint Coffee coloway (it's a string of numbers, I don't remember which ones). There has been a cozy sweater-shaped hole in my library that Flax filled perfectly. Cold rainy days in my pjs, chilly walks with the dog, or an extra layer of warmth on my way to work.

The thing about the cozy sweater that I often forget is that there is no shaping. No increases for the bust, no decreases for the waist, just a straight knit from the sleeves down. That made it perfect for social or commuter knitting, but this sweater will never be a fashion statement, and that's totally ok. Though I am getting that extra fabric where the sleeves start that everyone talks about. I just did not want to dedicate the brain power to finding a way around it.

In case you didn't know, the Plymouth yarn is actually a 75% acrylic blend, something I've actually never used for sweaters. This shouldn't be a problem, it is very soft and lovely, but I knit this like a wool sweater. I knit the sleeves to almost where I want them to be and then they stretch a bit in blocking. Not these sleeves. I think they actually shrunk up just a bit to 3/4 rather than bracelet. I have enough yarn left to rip back and lengthen the sleeves, but that will have to wait for warmer weather. Right now I'm too busy wearing it to change things.