Start As You Mean To Go On

Happy New Year!

How did you ring in the new year? Did you party all night long? Me? I rang in the new year with a cold, so I started it off cuddled up with one freaked out puppy, trying to convince him that the fireworks were not a sign of impending apocalyptic events. He continues to have his doubts.

I'm a firm believer in starting as you mean to go on, especially in the new year (let's ignore my cold for now). I usually try to only make one, maybe two resolutions, and they are usually very specific. This year, as with 2014, my resolution involves reading. Last year I set out to read 25 books and it went quite nicely for me. This year I've decided to tackle the books that I've always wanted to read -- maybe even attempted -- but for some reason I've never finished. Specifically? I want to finally read War and Peace.

Now I'm still a little too intimidated to jump right in, so I'm warming up with a little Dostoevsky.  I haven't read any Russian lit since college, before I wore out my brain in grad school, so I forgot how much I enjoy this period of literature. I made it through the first two chapters last night after squeezing in my last book of 2014 and am really looking forward to digging in.

2015? It's going to be a great year.