The Pieced Advantage

There is rarely a time when I don't have knitting readily available.

I'm pretty much incapable of going anywhere without my knitting.  It's gotten to the point that I have to carry a tote bag instead of a purse.  I used to be the girl with the tiny purse or able to get by with just my phone and my debit card in my pocket.  But not anymore.

And now, now I can't even take tiny knitting.  Now I have to take a freaking sweater!

Have you ever tried cabling on a bus full of people?  It's an adventure.  There's the movement of the bus, the stench of the crowd, and the heat of the pile of wool in your lap.  And then there's the curiosity factor.  You think knitting a sock draws attention?  Try knitting something with arms.  While working on the front of my current sweater I had a woman come several rows across the bus to tap me on the shoulder and ask me rather aggressively what in the world I was doing.  But that's what you get with the bus.

I have claimed time and again that I am not one to knit pieced sweaters.  I prefer in the round because I’m not a sewist and I don’t do seams.  But that might be changing.  Currently I am knitting my second pieced sweater in as many months and I think I may love it.  

Bare Branches is a giant, swingy, hooded coat knit out of a worsted weight.  It’s going to be huge and cozy and I just cannot imagine having to knit that in one piece.  Each piece on its own is well over 20 inches long and has quite a bit of heft to it.  That amount of bulk would not only be a strain on the wrists to knit, but it would also be difficult to haul around on my daily commute as well.

I am finding that in addition to the simplicity of knitting smaller pieces, I also get  instant gratification while still working on a larger project.  Instead of knitting a pair of socks that take a week, I am knocking out a sleeve in 2-3 days.  As long as I cast the next piece on immediately, I have been able to stave off second, third, or fourth piece syndrome.  And after each piece I can hold it up for Chris who has kindly admired them while avoiding pointing out that they all kind of look the same.

So yes, there is something to be said for the pieced sweater, but it could be my need for constant gratification talking.  I reserve the right to pass judgement until after I finish all of that seaming.