Speaking of Fall

Fall has taken a turn for the dramatic around here.

From 80+ degrees, we dove down into the sixties at our warmest and have a persistant rain that has moved in.  It has only been maybe a day or two, but already we’re wearing boots and jackets and talking about pulling out quilts.  A lot of people are shivering as they cling to warm weather styles, refusing to give up that cute tank despite the steaming pumpkin beverage in their hand.  But not me.  This is the proudest time of year for a knitter and I’m proudly pulling out my hats, cowls, and sweaters that I have stockpiled all year.

Andi Satturlund, the designer behind Untangling Knots, recently put a call out asking about people’s favorite fall sweaters, which got me thinking.  It has only been in the past year that I really became what I would call a sweater knitter.  Every year I have knit a few, but lately, as you may have noticed, I have really been cranking them out.  My pattern tends to be that whatever I have finished most recently is my favorite, so I decided to answer this question by first building myself some criteria.  What makes my ideal sweater for fall?

1) Can it transition from 50-75 degrees?

Fall in North Carolina is very fickle.  We don’t have truly cold weather until almost January, and October, a traditional fall month, can often be very warm.  So a fall sweater would need to fit with the unpredictable temperatures.

2) Is it stylish?

Like I said, fall is the golden hour for knitting.  It isn’t so cold that everything is covered up by a jacket, but people still expect and admire a little bit of warmth.  Something with cables or an unexpected pop of color goes really well with jeans or a cute dress you are trying to carry over into fall.

3) Did I enjoy knitting it?

Nothing makes me less likely to put on a knit than if I struggled to finish it and am not really proud of the end result.  My favorite sweaters may have gone into hibernation for a while, and the button band or sleeves may have been a struggle, but something about them made them fun anyway.

I also added the caveat that I can’t pick something that I blogged about in the past month.  So even though I’ve basically lived in my Bare Branches this week it is out of contention (I consider it more of a coat anyway).  I think anything I claim to be my “favorite” should have a little history so I can fully reflect on it.

So what have I knit that fits my criteria to get the high status of favorite?  My Heliopath Vest.

Ok, so I know it’s technically not a sweater, but the Heliopath is perfect for a Carolina fall.  It’s warm enough that you can wear it over a tank, but light enough for a nice blouse.  It’s head turning for both knitters and muggles alike.  And it was just plain fun to knit.  I have started knitting a lot more sweaters, so I’ll be keeping these points in mind as I decide what to knit (Like this. Or this).

What are some of your favorite sweaters?  Leave a comment here or check out the list going in the comments on Andi's blog.