Giving Permission

There are times that I expect too much of my knitting.

I’m sure you, dear reader, can totally relate.

Lately I’ve been experimenting with project monogamy, a rather foreign concept in my world.  Normally I have a sweater on the needles, sure, but I’m also working on some socks, and a hat, and a shawl, and a charity project.  But this sweater has become all consuming to the point that I was not just project monogamous, but made knitting my only pastime.

It all came to a head on Friday.  Thursday night I attached the fronts to the back of my sweater and picked up for the hood.  The very next morning I woke up with a desperate need to knit something else.  Anything else.  A hat, I thought.  Or maybe a shawl.  Definitely not the movie socks I have in reserve.  The only problem was that I had about thirty minutes to get to my bus and no time to wind yarn or pick out a pattern.  So I did what any logical knitter would do.  I grabbed a few skeins that I did have wound and shoved them into a project bag with a small assortment of needles.

I cast on and ripped out a few things before deciding that I had no taste at all.  The patterns in my library were disappointing and the yarn I brought was less than satisfying.  Nothing appealed to my color sense or to my ideas of what I wanted to create.  I hated everything.  I finally started a hat, but I’m still debating ripping it out.  But the point here is that I lost it.  This love and passion that we have for our craft.  I lost it only for a day, but it was enough.  That’s when I realized that we as knitters have interest in other creative pursuits for a reason.  We need them to keep ourselves in balance.  Just as I need knitting to keep myself from gnawing off my own arm when told I have to sit in a waiting room or on a bus, I need other creative endeavors to keep myself from falling into a knitting funk.

So I worked on some cross-stitch, and a little bit of spinning, and it did not take long for me to reach for that sweater again.  This last piece is a slog.  It’s got a gorgeous giant cozy hood, and it’s going to take me a while to finish it.  But in the meantime I’ll take breaks and work on my clouds.  Keep myself in a bit of balance.